Thursday, August 13, 2015

Marvelous New Adventure in Germany!!!

Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany

The following photos are all of a SUPER famous street in Rudesheim called Drosselgasse.  I absolutely loved this street.  Its one of the most charming, happening, eye catching and beautiful streets that I have ever walked down in Europe, for sure.

Look at this architecture.  The colors...the carvings...the half timber buildings...the windows...all of it, WOW.  I LOVE this!!!

Definitely my favorite street in all of Germany, thus far.

I stumbled upon the loading dock for the cable cars which whisk you waaaaaay up high on a mountain, overlooking the entire Rudesheim area (and far beyond).  So I paid the 7 euro for the round trip and hopped into the tiny aluminum gondola, fitted perfectly for one or two.
I loved the surprisingly fast acceleration!!!  This was an exciting and welcome little rush.  And then I was off, lifting high above the city.  This was breathtaking, (and the breeze felt incredible.  Man, was it hot out).

See the gondola, on the far left side of the photo??  We were taken up so high!!!  This was incredibly awesome.  Really stunning and breathtaking.

Annnnnnnd, the view from the top!!!

LOVED this.  I hung out up here for about 35-40 minutes...walked around...took photos...enjoyed the view...had a delicious ice cream.  This was really great.

Two of my favorite things ;-)  (though switch Kaffe to Tee :-p)

LOVED all the architecture in this city, wow.  So charming, very German, really lovely.  I especially loved the colors, the half timbered look and the flowers of this beer garden.  Can you spot the little black cat on the house...?? ;-)

Grunen Tee und Kuchen break!!!

THIS was my view while drinking tea, eating and reading for a bit.  The famous Drosselgasse street!!

The Music Museum!!!  Though I didn't go inside.  But the outside is certainly gorgeous.

Again, just wow.  Look at the architecture of the building on the left especially.  The carvings...the windows...the details.  I just love this.

Coo-coo clocks.  So German, really cute, fun clocks.  Love these ;-)

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