Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Budapest, Hungary in ONE MONTH!!!!!

Hi All!!!

Really, really exciting news.  Next on my list of upcoming travel adventures...Budapest!!!!! Tickets are booked and departure is 5 weeks from now!!!  I am counting down the weeks.  So, SO excited for this!!!

On Friday, October 16 around 9pm, Somayeh and I (see the two photos below) will jet off together to Hungary for 3 full days and nights, woo hoo!!!!  We return on Tuesday, October 20 in the early afternoon.

<3 One of my very BFFs.

I will of course post a FULL blog update once the trip has concluded, with all our photos and fun moments together.  But for now, a preview of what is likely to come...

Thankfully, Somayeh is a HUGE foodie, just like me.  As anyone knows by now who reads this blog, along with books and travel, food is one of my VERY FAVORITE things ever.  So, this will make her an especially outstanding travel buddy.  Do not think I didn't consider that when I agreed to travel with her ;-p juuuuuuust kidding.  But really, we will have a grand time trying a number of tasty, traditional Hungarian dishes together, no doubt.  

So far within my research, these foods have made it onto my list of "must tries" in Budapest:

Dobos Torta is a five layered cake covered in chocolate cream and caramel.  Apparently its an internationally popular dessert but one should try it in Budapest for the real deal ;-)  I am happy to oblige.

Gesztenyepüré, aka: Mont Blanc of Hungary.  Gesztenyepüré is a chestnut purée, sweetened served with whipped cream. It’s sometimes mixed in with chocolate or cocoa powder and rum.

This would be the Goulash of Hungary.  A meat stew with vegetables, noodles, sauce and delicious seasoning.  Apparently its a must try and is incredible.  I am not much of a meat eater, but I will give this one a go after reading the rave reviews about it online, and because its one of Hungary's ultra traditional and most loved about dishes.

Langos is flat bread made with flour, yeast, water and salt. You’ll frequently see it topped with mashed potatoes, sour cream yogurt, grated cheese, ham or sausages. Definitely a staple at the Central Market Hall.  Cannot wait to eat one.

A Turo Rudi is a chocolate bar stuffed with cottage cheese.  I haven't eaten cottage cheese since I lived in the US.  Apparently one can easily find these in grocery stores, and it comes in different flavors and sizes. The plain one is with dark chocolate.  Sounds delicious.  I am psyched to try it.

And now, definitely on the list for must-do activities:

Check out a Budapest Ruin Pub!!!!  These are old abandoned buildings that have been converted into way cool looking clubs or bars. If you'd like to see more what this concept is about, as well as take a look at some of the Ruin Pubs in the city, here is a link with the 10 Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest

Take a stroll down the famous Vaci Utca street!!

Visit the Central Market Hall, both to shop alongside the locals, as well as to check out the GIGANTIC expanse of different Hungarian food stalls, and sample some of the local specialties!!  Somayeh and I are going to have a BALL in this place.  Major eating time will commence here ;-)

And MUCH more exciting activities and fun to come....to be decided by both Somayeh and I, and then will most certainly be reported on ;-p

Stay tuned!!!

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