Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friendship Spotlight on...


I met Judith nearly two years ago at Kids Camp, the first job I secured here in Germany.  It was one of the few good things that came out of working there ;-)  Judith is German, though when we met she had just come from the USA as well.  She was returning to Germany after a year spent as an Au Pair in Connecticut, just outside of NYC.  She absolutely LOVED that time of her life and was hesitant to give it up.  

After being introduced to Judith within my first week of work, I knew I was interested in hanging out with her.  We clicked right away and became fast friends.

Judith is warm hearted, kind, generous, loving, loyal, easy to talk to, a comforting and open presence to spend time alongside, easy going, joyful and fun to be with.  When I was thinking of the traits that Judith really embodies, these are the ones that came easily to my mind.  I have always really loved spending time with her, from the very first time we ever hung out.

A fun game which we created, from one of our meetups with Sweet Meets!!

Together, Judith and I started our very own meetup group about one year ago, in September, 2014 (on which we named Sweet Meets.  To our shock and excitement, we had over 400 people apply to join our group here in Frankfurt!!!  We ultimately accepted about 50 people.  This was such a cool experience, really neat.

We planned a number of different meetups, at Mexican restaurants, cafes, bars for after work drinks, tea and coffee, etc.  Some of our meetup get togethers had upwards of 20 people at once!  Others were more intimate with around 5-7 people attending that particular time (and in some cases, the smaller ones were some of our funnest meetups!)

Judith and I have had a wonderful time going out dancing together a couple of times.  She is always a lively, energetic, fun person to do this with.  The times I did this with her, I had a great time.

We have celebrated birthdays together, including one particular celebration which Judith planned as a surprise for me, inviting my closest friends!  This was such a touching and special gift for me on that birthday of mine.  This is also a primary example of her generous, loving and giving nature.

Judith and I also ventured to Berlin together, which was a BLAST!  In between the cozy train ride, the totally outstanding bicycle tour of the city we went on, including me tumbling off my bike drunkenly amidst both of our hysterical laughter, dinner out, playing the "book of questions" together, a great brunch and walk through the trendy cafe area of the city on Sunday, we had an AWESOME time.

Judith and I have shared embarrassing and goofy moments.  We have had close talks and heart to hearts.  And we have had LOADS of fun times together.  I am so excited for lots more to come.  Her friendship is one that means a lot to me.  She was one of the very first friends I made in Germany and is one of my best.  I had a feeling about her the moment I met her.  I could just tell she was someone I would really like and click well with.  And boy, was I right.  I am so lucky for this.

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