Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lets Bring Em Back! Old school manners and habits long gone that we should resurrect.

Dressing well.  What happened??  Why did we all start dressing so dumpy?  Just 5-10 minutes of extra effort and thought going into ones outfit/daily look can create a noteworthy change.  And its well worth it, providing reverberating effects within the better dressers life.

Such as, one feels way better overall (more confident, happier, more awesome and attractive), your more upbeat energy attracts various others into your life (potential new friends, romantic prospects, etc), and looking good makes you more likely to land things like jobs, dates, free upgrades, and more.  And lastly, dressing well just adds more confidence, eye-catching interest and joy to your life and to those around you who get to enjoy looking at you.

See directly below for the sad state of affairs our society seems to be within in relation to our attire...

Why is all of the above happening?!?!  That (photos above) is the norm nowadays, on a daily basis.  My god.  There is just no excuse for any of it.  Just how lazy and trashy have we gotten... :-/

THIS is what we should be seeing much more of 
(see photos below).

Truly being present with others in person.  Put away the damn smart phones!!!  What is this new thing with people lying their phone on the table between them and their current social companion, so that every single time it "dings" or vibrates, its is distracting and essentially pulling them out of their connection and concentration with the person they are actually with.  This stuff totally takes away from your in-person interactions, and for not even a real connection but a pseudo-connection.  It takes away from deepening and enjoying your real face-to-face interactions to their fullest within that moment.  Can people no longer give the person in front of them their undivided respect and attention for an hour or two??  

Then there are those of us who may wonder why they feel lonely so often.  Its because when engaging in this habit, it essentially half-asses your in-person social bonding.  I would predict that this is one of the pieces of the puzzle as to why, according to research, nowadays loneliness is at epidemic levels, with people reporting they have less close connections then ever.

Answer your texts later, when you are alone, bored or have some free time.  When with a person, be there fully.

This seems to be our current state of affairs regarding technology use and social outings:

What is the point of going out to dinner for these four???? Hahaha

What happened to this???

Look at that.  NO cell phones on the table!!!!  What a concept.  They are actually focusing 100% on one another!

Letter writing.  Anything, from a thank you card, to apology letters, to homemade birthday cards, and even love letters.  An email just doesn't pack the same punch.  And who is going to print out a nice email and save it in a box somewhere special?  Not many of us.  But a wonderful handwritten letter/card is personal, special, thoughtful and is something people are likely to save and cherish.

This is a really neat (and short) article: 7 reasons we should write more letters

Putting more effort into our relationships (both romantic and friendship).  Some people still do this, of course.  But large numbers of us do not.  It seems people have become lazier, flakier, interested when its convenient or easy but then absent when its not.  People nowadays are often "too busy" or just plain distracted.

This is likely another reason that large numbers of people are so lonely.  Being a great friend is supposed to be mostly great fun, but there will be times when its not always easy as well.  However, putting in effort and being a great friend means being clearly present during both times.  And this is something that is immensely worth it over the long-run, when you look around and realize what amazing friends you have (because you chose wisely, and because both of you were great friends to one another).

Modesty.  It seems that with each passing year, our society grows more narcissistic, exposes more and more skin in our daily dress, we continue to increase our level of oversharing to totally weird proportions, are becoming more and more self centered, crude, rude and outrageous.  Why?

What happened to things like: classiness, mystery, manners, censoring oneself until close with someone, being polite, showing genuine interest in others and not just with oneself.

Yikes.  Apparently I didn't get the memo that nowadays, this is how to attract both a man, as well as others in general.  Apparently this makes a favorable impression and will cause people to think more highly of you ;-), since so many people are dressing this way...

We are getting more and more naked with each passing year.  

And yet, is there a single person who can genuinely say that any of the above is actually more attractive, alluring, classy and sexy then the photos you are about to see below?

Scroll down for true sexiness, allure and class.

WAY sexier then the photo of the jeans shorts above (with major spillage out the bottoms).

Dating.  This is related to the topic of "putting in effort"...what happened?  How did we manage to screw up what used to be one of the most straight forward things in history?

Things like romance, expressing clear interest, actually asking women out on dates, all down the tubes.  Our culture has become one of fast hookups, "hanging out" instead of dating (what does that even mean?  Confused?  So am I ha-ha), "Ghosting" (anyone heard this term?  I just heard it for the first time about two weeks ago), and thousands of opposite-sex options that one can select simply by swiping their finger across a screen.

Apparently, for those who do not know, "ghosting" refers to someone who just drops out of a relationship or friendship silently, without warning and without another word, never speaking to the person ever again.  What the f*ck is that?  How incredibly childish, cold, cowardly and just absurd can you possibly get?  That we have become a society in which we do not have the guts nor the respect to speak with a person we once cared about, face to face, and talk like adults about an issue or before parting ways.  Insane.  And that is just one example.

We have become a society, in terms of our romantic lives, that is less interested in investing, less interested in effort, more cowardly, less respectful and more impolite.  We prefer things to be disposable, quick, easy and instantly gratifying.

Stopping for a couple of hours (gasp!  Yes, I know.  A couple of hours, or even more.  Crazy!! ;-p) and relaxing, enjoying oneself with a low key hobby, wonderful book, or other enjoyable solo pursuit.  (This is not to be confused with being slumped listlessly on the couch in a stupor zoning out over the TV for an afternoon ha-ha).  I am referring to enjoying and even reveling in ones own company.  Feeling at ease, relaxed and happy.  And losing oneself in a fulfilling and gratifying activity.  This could be anything, from painting a picture, to reading a book and enjoying a hot beverage, to writing a story, or going for a walk in the woods.  It could be playing a musical instrument, or gardening, sewing a blanket or item of clothing, or cooking a new recipe for the joy of it.  The list goes on, but the activity should bring one happiness and interest.

Everyone is always so rushed nowadays.  We are always to distracted.  We are always "just too busy," so hurried and frazzled.  Always stressed.  Our social calendars so full.  And yet, when we do have pockets of down time, we tend to waste them.  Spaced out, bored and unfulfilled.

Life is meant to be REVELED in.  Not just spent running from one moment to the next.


  1. I agree, what's with everyone and their phones?

  2. I agree, what's with everyone and their phones?

  3. Hi Brooke, I don't think the thing about dressing is entirely fair. I've been working really hard to be less judgmental about how people dress, because honestly, someone wearing ill fitting jeans or has their boobs hanging out doesn't affect my life at all. Sure I do think some of today's fashion is a little over the top and leaves basically nothing to the imagination, but I believe that people should be allowed to express themselves however they feel. It may not be the way you or I express ourselves, but it is a personal choice. I do often question some people's choices, but as long as they are not hurting anyone, I don't have a problem with how anyone dresses.

    Just food for thought.

  4. Hi KT!

    Great point :-) thanks for commenting. I totally agree, it doesn't affect the viewers life in any kind of lasting way. Though it can make some people quite uncomfortable and be distracting, in up close and personal situations, if a person is dressed in a really extreme manner. But otherwise, you are totally right.

    So your comment hits the nail on the head. Totally valid point.

  5. But just to clarify, my comments about clothing were not implying that certain peoples manner of dress affects their viewers lives. My overall message was just that its too bad our manner of dress has veered so drastically downhill. In terms of both aesthetics, as well as the messages peoples clothing sends to others about them as a person, whether the message is intended or not.

    Thank you for your feedback though! And I agree with you!