Friday, September 4, 2015

Jenn and Steve visit from BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All!!!

The reason its been SO long since my last post and this moment is for two reasons: one, this entire week I have been insanely busy, both with starting my new job and plans every single night that have not allowed me the salvation of home before 9pm.  But more importantly, one of my close friends from Boston, Jenn, and her awesome boyfriend, Steve were here VISITING!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, this was SUCH a blast.  I literally loved every single minute of their time here and all the outstanding things we did together.  They arrived on Friday, August 28 (we met that day around 5pm) and they stayed until the morning of Tuesday, September 1 (they departed back to Boston around 2pm).

We had a weekend just filled with excitement, lots of laughing and major fun.  Here are the photos of their visit, in chronological order, along with some description of some of the fantastic moments we had:

Reunited!!!!!!  After not having seen one another for two years!!!  (Although it certainly didnt feel that long upon seeing one another again).

Doing some exploration of Frankfurt...

Apfelwein Solzar for dinner.  A super famous, old, traditional beer garden in Frankfurt.  We had an especially hilarious conversation during this dinner, and just really enjoyed sitting here for a few hours, loads of fun and laughing.  As well as eating and drinking lots of Apfelwein, sausage, fish and a delectable dessert.

Day trip to Heidelberg!!!!!

This ended up being SUPER tasty!!!  Goat cheese with honey and figs, oh man.  We were especially impressed with this dish, which resulted in fighting amongst one another for the last piece.

Love this.  Super romantic and charming.

I decided I am going to move to Heidelberg and find an apartment in THIS square ;-) it was just incredibly charming, totally lovely and just really beautiful, along with having the castle as a stellar backdrop. 
Juuuuust kidding (about the moving).  But I really did love this spot.

We took a cable car up the mountain and explored the castle ruins...this was really, really neat.


How cool are these photos???  Love this.

Annnnnnnd we took a rickety cable car even higher up the mountain for much further, sweeping panoramas of both Heidelberg and Germany in general.

Dinner time!!  This was DELECIOUS.  A buttery, rich pasta with fresh salmon, tomatoes and rocket.  Yum!

Next day trip, to Rudesheim am Rhine!!!

We took a speedy, small tin bucket of a cable car up the mountain which gave us stunning views of the Rhine and Rudesheim below. 

Cafe break time (and more importantly, drinks, cake and major people watching action).

On our final evening together, we had a delicious and very German dinner together at the famous Cafe Hauptwatche.

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