Monday, July 18, 2016

Bouncing around Bornheim on a Saturday

Just another random Saturday, but with my photographer friend, Dali in tow.  We thought it might be fun to follow up photo shoot number one with a second.  

So, we decided to check out the street markets in Bornheim.  After purchasing a box of obscenely expensive strawberries for myself, we meandered slowly away from the markets, a hole having been blown in my pocket, and found ourselves wandering down the happening and hip Berger Strasse.

After window shopping past a few inviting little stores, we were stopped in our tracks when we happened upon the ice cream shop, Yomaro.  This lured us quickly away from our stroll down Berger and instead, to relax while eating something sweet :-D because what is summer without eating as much ice cream as one possibly can in that short window of warm-weather time?

After marveling over the way cool and slightly creepy graffiti, we wandered across the street into the serenity of a small Chinese garden. I highly recommend this garden/park for lounging and reading a book, playing a game of chess, having a picnic, or even just a short nap under a shady tree.  Really lovely.

Where I busted out a few dance moves.... ;-p

All photo credits go to Dali himself, one of my best friends here in Frankfurt.  Check out his awesome travel blog here!

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