Saturday, July 23, 2016

Roamers in Berlin

Roamers is the hidden gem I happened upon for the first time during my last adventure in Berlin (in February, 2016).  And a gem is the perfect word for this place.  Finding myself in Berlin during this past week, I was itching for a repeat experience, and place Roamers at the top of my must-do list for this trip.  Here is why:

Roamers is a hole-in-the-wall, rustic, SoCo cool cross between California laid back/rustic farmhouse brunch spot.  The inside is cozy (ok, cramped), homey and laid back.  The interior is made up entirely of greenery and is heavily wooded.  Upon coming here, one will generally have to wait anywhere from 15-30 minutes for a table but its well worth the wait.

Once inside the restaurant, I cannot decide if I have found myself within a desert ranch, a farmhouse or a Californian green house of some kind.  The decor and atmosphere conjure smatterings of all three.  The vibes inside evoke images of Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones twanging away on their guitars, campfires, laid back summer nights, and hanging out in ones backyard in the long-after-dark balmy summer air.

I have always found the hosts/hostesses and servers to be friendly, warm, easy going and accommodating.  On my most recent visit, the young gentleman host asked if I might mind sharing a tiny, cramped table with two other young women.  I agreed but made it subtly clear that I would prefer not to.  He smiled and seated them elsewhere.  He continued to treat me with warmth and friendliness, not causing me to feel guilty or badly about it.

The food is gorgeously presented, a work of art in and of itself.  Rustic, colorful, eye-catching. 

The french toast is phenomenal.  The bread is fluffy and moist, the lightest hint of sweetness to it.  A dusting of powdered sugar surrounded the bread, along with a smattering of jewel-toned berries, a cloud of Greek yogurt and a crumbling of nuts.  The dish is served on a cutting board which adds warmth to the presentation.  The Greek yogurt had a hint of vanilla flavor to it which was lovely against the tartness of the blackberries and Johannes berries, also wonderfully set off by the nutty crunch when mixed together with the nuts.  The pears laid atop of the toast were warm, juicy, sweet, slightly grainy like a perfectly ripe pear is, tender and cinnamon-y. 

The entire presentation looks like a straight-from-the-forest, snow dusted, of-nature, completely scrumptious edible treat.  I would highly recommend the French toast.  I would call it the standout dish of Roamers.  The most photogenic and most likely, the tastiest.

Roamers offers other dishes, many of them involving eggs, beans, smatterings of greens, avocado and a variety of other vegetables, soft cheeses, with a sprinkling of seeds all spread out across an entire baking tray.  I love this presentation as well.  Very rustic and straight-from-the-farmhouse to the table vibe.

The drinks are served in mason jars.  The cakes atop small wooden cutting boards as well, surrounded by a smattering of piney looking sprigs.  The espresso art is impressive, eye-catching and elegant.

And the cakes, which obviously would have caught my eye anyway with the sweet tooth I am in possession of, are absolutely gorgeous.

The prices, while slightly on the high side for Berlin, are fair for what one gets in terms of quality and presentation.

My only complaint about Roamers would be how tiny it is!!!  Its a tad too cramped inside.  There isn't nearly enough comfortable seating.  The seats at the bar are uncomfortable.  Not easy to perch on one of them and eat a meal from. And a number of the seats outside are the same.  So one needs to get here early in order to vie for a table.  I recommend getting here and requesting one of the tables, even offering to wait if one must.  It would be worth the added wait, for the comfort and ease of which eating at one of the tables would offer. 

I love Roamers.  Everything about it.  From the laid back, SoCo, farmhouse vibe, to the rustic and absolutely gorgeous presentation of the food, down to the actual taste of it, which is absolutely delectable.  If I lived in Berlin, I could see myself making the trek to Roamers every Sunday for brunch.  I already know if would be my go-to spot.

If you haven't been to Roamers, run, don't walk there this weekend for brunch.  You will not regret it.  It might change your brunching ways forever, in a good way.

Roamers is located at Pannierstrasse 64 in Berlin.

Their hours are Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30am-7:00pm and on Saturday & Sunday from 10am-7pm.

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