Friday, July 1, 2016

Visit to Die Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt!!

Photo shoot time in Frankfurt, Germany!  Dali, my aspiring photographer friend and I decided to team up for a fun blog entry/photo shoot that would take place around Frankfurt.  This would give him some shooting practice and myself some ample blog material.  So, here we are.

The day began gray and overcast.  The most ironic weather on the day of a planned outdoor photo shoot of course, right?  So we quickly moved our activity to the dry respite of indoors.  To the Kleinmarkthalle to be specific.  A colorful, bustling market place about which I had heard many murmurings of (all positive) throughout my time living here in Frankfurt, but which I had never visited.

The hall held a treasure trove of goodies.  Brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables.  Ripe, pungent cheeses in varying shades of cream and yellows.  Meats in gem-toned reds.  Rows and rows of packaged spices and herbs.  Bakery stalls selling freshly baked, sweet smelling loaves and rows of glistening glazed pastries.  Chocolatiers displaying their wares of intricately painted chocolates.

Dali and I wandered around the market hall for a half an hour or so as I purchased a couple of necessary items for cooking later on that evening, and a cute little chocolate in the shape of a cupcake with baby blue frosting (flavor: coconut).

This market hall would be the PERFECT spot to go gather up some picnic supplies and head down to the Main River, a mere five minute walk away, for a summer picnic.  You would have an overflow of options here.  One could not possibly decide easily what to sample.

You can check out the market-hall website here.

After our wide-eyed wandering of the little market hall, we moved towards one of my all-time favorites in Frankfurt.  Sugar Mama Cafe.  We ordered coffee, tea and chatted for an hour and a half or so.  Lots of fun :-D.  We talked about books, travel, our families, our current projects and interests, our jobs.  This was a particularly fun hangout of ours.

Posing with my awesome photographer friend, Dali :-D

Wishing you happy picnic supply hunting!!!  I highly recommend the Kleinmarkthalle for a visit!!!

Photo credit goes to my talented photographer friend, Dali!!!


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