Friday, July 8, 2016

Explorations of Bad Orb, Germany

Hi All,

Finding ourselves in the midst of summer time, I imagine loads of you in Frankfurt are looking for fun activities to fill all the newly aquired free time you might be finding yourselves with.  Sure, heading to a body of water to cool down from the summer heat is a good albeit unimaginative option (though we havent really had great weather for this yet :-( I think I have worn a dress all but twice so far this summer.  Lame).  Grabbing an ice cream cone.  Dining outdoors.  Going on jogs al fresco.  All of these are fun, typical summer options.  However, sometimes its more exciting to shake things up, right?

That is where I come in.

Ever heard of Bad Orb?  Neither had I until just a few weeks ago, when I headed off about an hour outside of Frankfurt to this ultra charming, tiny little village for a four day overnight trip with my fourth grade class.  (In all honesty, leading up to this I had been dreading it.  But I ended up having a total blast!  That is a separate blog entry though).

I had the opportunity to return to this inviting village just a few days ago for another field trip, and I have to tell you, its lovely.  The city is slow moving and serene.  German timeberwork abound, cozy little cafes beckon, cobbled streets and explosions of flowers throughout the city.  The vibe here is relaxed, laid back, time seems to have all but fallen away.  The architecture is eye-catching and of course, totally Germanic.

During the time I spent here on the overnight trip a few weeks ago, we passed a sweet little cafe but sadly, didnt have the chance to go inside.  Supposedly one of the best cafes in Bad Orb.  Check it out when you are in town for sure.

Also, apparently there is an awesome indoor thermal spa and healing bathing facility.  Supposedly an award winning one and very worth checking out!  This would be a perfect summer relaxation activity, no question.

I would highly recommend a visit to Bad Orb.  As mentioned, just a one hour trip outside of Frankfurt.  An easy and appealing day trip option.  This city is an alluring one to explore.

Happy Weekend Travels :-D

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