Monday, March 2, 2015

Adventures from last week...

Hi All,

I apologize for the major lag time in between my last few messages.  My computer is currently having quite a bit of trouble, so that makes finding the time to write on my blog when home at night difficult, to say the least.  However here we go for a next entry.  I will be trying, going forward, to be back to my regular posting rate of 3-4 times each week once more!

Last week was a busy one.  Lots of fun activities out and about in Frankfurt.

Heros Burgers!!  This is becoming a staple/favorite for me.  These are the closest I have found within Europe to hitting home in terms of an American style burger.  This time I tried a sandwich called "The Greenie," not on the actual burger menu.  This is a baked/breaded zucchini sandwich topped with red pepper, arugula, fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic dressing.  Oh man, I was pleasantly surprised.  Super tasty!!!

Bitter und Zart.  LOVE this tea shop.  The prices are a bit steep but the atmosphere is glamorous, ornate and luxurious, without breaking the bank.  This is where Judith and I held out last meeting for our group Sweet Meets :-D and it was lots of fun.  I had a green tea and a slice of cheesecake, yum yum.

Yours Australian Bar for the outstanding, all-you-can-eat, Sunday breakfast buffet!!!!  This was super delectable and great fun.  The spread of food is expansive, including but not limited to: french toast, eggs, baked beans, croissants, a huge array of desserts, bacon, sausage, salads, potato wedges, various friend foods, cereals, etc, etc, etc  ;-) you get the idea.

Tea and cake with a friend at a cafe that was just remodeled and re-opened, called World Coffee Co.  The carrot cake here was delish and the atmosphere is cozy with oversize plush chairs one can sink into.

The street on which this cafe is housed.  Super lovely.

Pizza with a friend in Bockenheimer Warte, the area of Frankfurt in which I work.  Supposedly one of the best pizza places, in the city is housed here, Da Cimino, so I suggested to her that we give it a go.  The pizza was good, but I would definitely not rate it among the best.  However with that said, I would recommend it.  The crust was thin and on the crispy side, a good balance in terms of sauce/cheese ratios, the pizza came out quickly and the line was out the door.  A decent pizza for sure.

And finally, going to meet with a family to whom I am friends with in the city of Dreieich-Buschlag just outside of Frankfurt.  I go to their home every other Saturday to give their child semi-practice in English, but also just to spend time with the family.  I like them very much.
That aside, the city they live in, I LOVE.  It has the feeling of a cozy, green, charming, slightly fairy tale or medieval- like area.  Like a magical little German village, but with sprawling homes and lots of greenery.  The homes are stunning.  The area is heavily wooded.  I suspect the residents are heavily loaded as well ha ha.  So its unlikely I will ever live in the area.  But if I were to stay in Germany, this would be my dream home area for sure.

Stay tuned for another entry in the next couple days!

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