Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Konigstein and Kronberg, two stunning German towns.

Wow.  These two towns were gorgeous.  But especially Kronberg.  Not only was it old, charming and gorgeous, but it had a close communal feeling, a welcoming and warm feel to it.  I would totally live here ;-) I fell in love with this city a little bit.

Now at the top of my list for German cities: Kronberg and Rothenberg.

And here are the photos...


The castle in Konigstein.

Views from the Castle...

The windy staircase up to the top of the castle...!

And now onto Kronberg (my favorite)...

Look at how cool the carvings, colors and artwork is on those pillars!!!

LOVE the front steps along with the house itself :-)

The castle in Kronberg.

Castle in Kronberg.  Reminds me a bit of Edward Scissorhands house...in the Tim Burton movie ;-)

View from the castle.  You can see Frankfurt way off in the misty distance (on the left side)!!!

Dream neighborhood.  Love this, wow.

Gorgeous.  Loving this architecture.

Great cafe location to stop for a drink and cake :-) so we did.

This is a house.  INSANE.

How charming and cute are these homes???

LOVE this view.

Dream home ;-)

Love this little alleyway/intimate neighborhood area.

View from our seat while eating cake and drinking tea.

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