Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bad Hamburg day trip!

About two weeks ago, I joined a good friend of mine on a day trip out to Bad Hamburg.  This was a beautiful town.  Its actually a natural spring town.  Meaning people used to come here from all over Europe to drink and bathe in the natural springs that were said to bring certain health benefits and be very good for you.  Different springs had varying concentrations of minerals and vitamins.  Apparently this was a big thing a long time ago.  People came for the weekend or for an extended holiday, stayed in resorts, drank, partied and enjoyed the springs with the supposed health benefits they would be getting.

The architecture in this town was also gorgeous. Very traditional German with the timber woodwork.  The town was woodsy, charming, cozy and quiet but had an understated air of wealth to it.  I really liked it here.  It even had a slightly New Hampshire feeling to it :-D (except with a German twist of course).  It made me a bit nostalgic.

A gift to the town from Thailand I believe...

This is one of the centers that houses a natural spring one can bathe in.

A drinking fountain for one of the natural springs.  Tasted awful actually.  Like salt and smelly eggs.

Great ending to the day :-)

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