Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why Reading is a Wonderful Thing

For those of you who enjoy reading, this entry will have you nodding your heads in enthusiastic agreement and probably even adding some of your own thoughts about why reading is wonderful.  For those of you who are not into reading, you may not even read this entry haha ;-) but I urge you to.  If only to consider what I have said because its interesting.

Why is reading wonderful?  I suspect I would get many different answers if I were to ask a variety of people this question.  Here are the reasons I have compiled as to why reading is a fantastic and worthwhile thing:

1. Reading transports you to other worlds, to different time periods, to other cultures and to totally different landscapes.  Reading can take you out of the world you are in briefly and take you somewhere else.

2. Studies have proven that people who read books, though specifically fiction books, have higher levels of empathy for others.  This can translate into potentially having better relationships and connections with others.

3. Reading expands and increases ones vocabulary, it can increase ones general knowledge about different topics and about the world.

4. Reading can open your mind to different human struggles, challenges and triumphs.  It can open your mind to new ideas, new ways of being or living, a variety of different kinds of people, different viewpoints, values, interests or passions.  Essentially, the more you read, the more exposure you have to things that are different and can broaden your ways of thinking towards life and people.

5. Reading is said to potentially lower ADHD, improve concentration, possibly help ward off Alzheimer's and keep your memory sharp.  Reading is literally good for your brain!

6. Lets not forget, its fun!  Once you find a story that interests, excites or captures you (whether its suspenseful, or dramatic, or mysterious, or funny, or romantic), you find yourself caring about how the story will end, feeling hooked and curious about what will happen next and relating to/becoming attached to the characters.

7. Personal connection.  Often times when we read a story, we can either find personal relevance or some semblance within the stories that we ourselves can relate or connect to, or we find ourselves moved by and attached to the characters themselves (just as one would in a good movie or TV series).  I believe most stories have themes related, on some level, to real human experiences (some more closely then others).  So in this sense, most stories are relevant to each of us in at least some way and likely hold some form of connection we might be able to find within it to ourselves.

And, in case anyone is interested, a couple of articles about why reading is actually good for you!

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Science has great news for people who read books!!!

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