Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Food Fun in Frankfurt!

On the list of noteworthy places I visited last week (most of which are food related, oh yeah), the first stop was Imori.  This is a Japanese themed tea shop/bakery/restaurant.  The interior is charming, luxurious and ornate.  As you can see below, there is a vast array of delicious cakes!!!  Though this place is pricey, its worth the occasional splurge for both the atmosphere and the taste of the cakes.

My usual order.  Green tea cake and  green tea ;-) 

AMAZING green tea cake!!!  YUM.
Next stop was for BURGERS.  I googled "Best burgers in Frankfurt" and this was one of the places I stumbled upon, Die Kuh Die Lacht.  They were said to have not only delicious burgers but uniquely topped ones.  So I scheduled one of our Sweet Meet meetups here.  This was, if I do say so myself, a great success!  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, all were chatting, the crowd seemed to work well together.  And the burgers were great!  Though I had a burger made of falafel with toppings of avocado, onion, tomato and lettuce, so not a typical burger.  But I really enjoyed it.

Then on Thursday, I enjoyed pizza in Bockenheimer Warte (the area where I work) at Pizza Peppino with a friend.  This pizza place has a brick oven pizza and serves up not only pizzas but pastas and salads as well.  The pizza had just the right ratio of sauce to cheese, it was excellent.  I got mine with tomatoes, broccoli and pesto.

SO good.
On the weekend, I found myself dining at a new place!  A vegan restaurant in the Bornheim area of Frankfurt called Wondergood.  I tried the noodles covered in a brown butter sauce sitting on top of a bed of buttered spinach.  Excellent.  This was so good, though pricey for sure.  For an appetizer, we shared spring rolls filled with what I believe were mushrooms and onions.  Super tasty.  And finally, we split a slice of chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream.  Also good, though not a showstopper.  All in all, I really enjoyed this place.  I would go back, though not often because its very expensive.

Last weekend, I found myself strolling through the ritzy West End area of Frankfurt after running some errands.  This is possibly the richest part of the city, and it shows looking at the buildings.  Its elegant and lovely.  Its reminds me of something like a more modern Beacon Hill in Boston.

While in the West End, a bakery caught my eye and lured me inside (I know.  Surprise, surprise).  This bakery was called La Maison du Pain.  Oh man.  Something about the gray skies outside, the chill in the air, the freedom of the afternoon remaining and the beckoning call of my cozy room for a few hours when I returned home before going out again.  I simply had to purchase a box of pastries.  I bought a marzipan croissant (this turned out to be SUPER intense.  Tasty but whoa), a chocolate croissant, and finally an eclair (this was possibly the best of the bunch.  YUM).

The marzipan croissant.

At work last week, one of the children celebrated her 3rd birthday.  The cake her mother brought in to share with the other kids for the celebration was a cake made entirely of gummy candy!  I just thought this was so unique/interesting, so I snapped a photo.  Apparently this is a tradition on kids birthdays in Japan (this is what her mother told us).

The BEST snack ever.  Blueberries and chocolate mousse.

And finally, I discovered these tasty treats when walking through the mall at the famous Zeil shopping strip in Frankfurt.  Green tea chocolates.  Mmmmmmmmmm.

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