Thursday, July 9, 2015

All-Time Frankfurt Favorites

Hi All!

Having lived here in Frankfurt for the past year and some months now, I have accumulated some favorite places, of course ;-)

I have my favorite food places, cafes, spots to relax and chat with friends, and places I love going on my own.  Therefore, as of now (because of course, as more time passes and I explore more, this list may change and hopefully grow), here are my Frankfurt Favorites, the ultimate places I would recommend you check out:

Hausen Open Air Bath (aka a public pool).  A HUGE pool with more then enough room to cool off in the heat, an expansive lawn to lay on ones towel to read and relax.  This is an awesome place to go on a hot summer afternoon with friends or on ones own to cool off.  I have been here a couple times now and really enjoyed it.  Here is the link to check it out.  And from the list of all the pools within Frankfurt, next on my list...the HUGE lake-like pool in Rodelheim.

Sugar Mama, definitely my favorite cafe in Frankfurt, not only for the inviting and cozy environment but also for the cakes.  They are some of the best I have had in Frankfurt.  LOVE this place.

Whenever I've gone here, its NEVER been this empty ;-)

Yours Australian Bar, namely for two things.  Surprisingly, this place was a BLAST to go to and watch a soccer game!  Filled to the brim with people, with a lively, super fun atmosphere. And for the breakfast buffet on Sunday mornings.  Granted its a tad pricey but the spread is one of the best I have ever seen.  They've got it all (eggs, crepes, french toast, pancakes, sausages, bacon, hash browns, croissants, salads, an entire dessert spread, a number of savory lunch items, etc).  For 12 euros, its well worth it.

Good Times for Good People.  This is my favorite bar for sure.  Happening and always hopping with people, trendy, slightly dim and sultry, great music.  My one complaint, the drinks are a tad pricey for my budget.  But I always love going here on a weekend night with a friend.

Hot Iron workout class at Fitness First gym.  I am not a member at this gym, but one of my best friends is ;-) and she is kind enough to invite me frequently with her to the class on Sunday called Hot Iron.  This is such fun!  The music is lively and pumping.  We use barbells and weights while doing various exercises for different parts of the body.  All high energy and fun, yet challenging.  I always love going to this with her.

The bookstore in Frankfurt.  For anyone who knows me at all, this needs no explaining ;-) I really enjoy to come here often during my lunch break at work, most of the time just to browse.  I just love to look at books in general, for ideas of what I might read next, or to sit down and leaf through a few of the books snuggled into one of the couches.  As well as coming here after work sometimes to do the same.

Though this looks slightly like the set of a horror movie, when pictured here with no customers... hehe

Fletchers.  They have, hands down, the best burgers I have ever tried in Europe here.  Excellent.  They straddle the line between fast food and laid back restaurant style.  The burgers here are deliciously flavored, always perfectly cooked, sauced and topped to ultimate tastiness, and just totally delectable.

Cafe Crumble.  I have been coming here since my first days in Frankfurt.  Its where I always meet my friend, Sally for tea.  I have come here with friends for brunches or for after-work tea and cakes.  The decor is bare, simple, yet manages to still feel inviting.  The cakes here are homemade and yummy.  And the people who work here are wonderful warm and friendly.

Heidelberg day trip: now, I realize this isn't Frankfurt.  But its a favorite so I had to mention it. Heidelberg is one of the more beautiful towns in Germany (in fact, its the most frequently day-tripped to town in Germany!!  Fun fact).  The city is set to a backdrop of rolling hills and small mountains.  A decent sized river runs alongside the town.  An old castle looms on a hilltop overlooking the city.  During the winter time, Heidelberg is especially magical.  The old town is charming and filled with traditional German architecture.  Only 40 minutes from Frankfurt by train, this is a super accessible and cheap day trip option :-D

Iimori is a shabby-chic but simultaneously glamorous Asian themed tea shop.  A tad pricey but delicious green teat torte (I recommend coming here just for this), as well as an array of gorgeous little cakes.  They sell sushi here too, though I have never tried it, as well as offering a tasty looking Sunday buffet.

Bitter und Zart is another great tea shop, though attached to this one is also an incredibly classy, gourmet chocolate shop!  Bitter und Zart has yummy cakes, but they aren't anything to write home about.  The reason to come here is for the atmosphere, which makes one feel as though they have stepped into the glamorous 1920s.  The decor is lovely, charming, lux and oozes old glam.  This is a fun place to come with friends for tea.

The Frankfurt Library.  Again, for those who know me, completely unsurprising.  I love this place.  I come at least once a week, often on my lunch break (to both return books and browse for the heck of it), but sometimes as much as 2-3 times a week. I love wandering up and down the aisles, I find it both exciting and peaceful, on the lookout for new, wonderful stories to get lost in.  Fun fact: did you know that the library is the most frequently public institution in Frankfurt??

The Romerberg.  I LOVE this square.  This is one of the focal points of Frankfurt for sure, in terms of tourist visitors.  For me, I love the traditional German architecture all throughout the square.  Its as though someone has stepped back in time a bit when stepping onto the cobblestones on the threshold of this square.  Its beautiful and totally charming.

Der Backer Eifler is my favorite out of all the potential bakery chains here in Frankfurt for two reasons: their butter cake and their brioche rolls.  SO delicious, oh man.  Way better then at other bakeries where I have sampled these two items (which are two of my favorite bakery goods).

Kronberg is also not in Frankfurt, its a city fairly close to Frankfurt.  This is another awesome day trip, and one of my very favorite places.  Talk about the quintessential charming little German town.  If I were to stay here over the long term, this would be one of my dream cities to live in.  Gorgeous.

There you have it!  My Frankfurt Favorites as of now :-D

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