Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cell Phone Photos of the Week...

Tea and chocolates at one of my very favorites...Bitter und Zart!!!

The BEST snack :-D  Blueberries have become my current snack time obsession.  Mmmmm.

Back to have another one of the best burgers ever in Frankfurt!  Fletchers!!

I went to the most STELLAR frozen yogurt place the other day with one of my best friends.  Its called Yomaro.  For my toppings, I chose strawberries, chocolate jimmies and cheesecake brownies.  This was incredible.  I will definitely be going back.  Thank you, Dali, for showing me this place!!!

Tea at Iimori with mine and Judith's meetup group, Sweet Meets...another Frankfurt favorite location ;-D

A favorite book at a favorite cafe (with a favorite type of dessert...cheesecake).  What a great Sunday afternoon activity before meeting a friend for dinner!

These shoes are the BOMB!  Maybe I will splurge on them for my upcoming 30th.... :-)

4th of July celebration with one of my best friends (pictured) and another wonderful close friend (not pictured).

Sugar Mama cafe.  Always an "Mmmmmmmm."


  1. Now I know why you look so happy all the time!

  2. Now I know why you look so happy all the time!

  3. You are such a foodie. I can soooo relate!!!

  4. I do LOVE food. One of the greatest aspects of life for sure :-)