Sunday, July 26, 2015

Get Ready for a Major Life-Changer....

Hi All,

So, while relaxing and reading recently (per one of my usual adored activities of leisure), I stumbled across an incredible life philosophy in one of my books the other day.  It had such a profound effect on my thinking that I felt it was something I should share with all of you.  I found it to be quite thought-provoking and inspiring.

So...without further you go:

This is a philosophy/mantra that can literally change your life, if you let it.  

Its so simple, its almost embarrassing.  Its actually fairly simple logic, though I would venture to guess that around 70-80% of people do not actually live with this mindset.  And yet, if they chose to, they could be so much happier and fulfilled on a day to day basis.  Not to mention, less stressed out, less bored, and would experience less regret.

Now I bet you're all thinking, no way.  A life mantra or way of thinking to improve my life that dramatically??  But yes, it can.  The key phrase being: if you let it and choose to use it.  This life changing way of thinking can be summed up simply....ready?

This moment, the one right now, is really it.  

"This is it," so to speak. 

And yet, its so easy to live our entire lives as though actually this isn't it.  Let me give you some examples of how actually, most people make grave errors and do not live within the realm of this mindset.

Some examples can include: your job isn't really it.  Its just a day job to pay the bills until you move on to bigger and better things.  Or, who knows if the one you love romantically right now is really "it" so no need to share your heart completely or really give it your all.  Your apartment isn't really "it" because you are renting.  No need to decorate or create much of a permanent home.

This mentality can even pollute little day-to-day moments, such as treating people poorly because you are sad, angry or in a general bad mood, or ordering food as a restaurant and wishing you had gotten something else, or wasting evenings alone and bored, or not going for something you truly want simply out of feeling fearful or lazy.

These are all mistakes made when one fails to realize that this moment, right now, is all you ever really have.  This moment really is it.

Most people spend the bulk to their lives either: living in the past nostalgically, or always planning, complaining and wishing.  Here is the key point: when you do this, you are training yourself to live a life of mediocrity.

Life is now.

Whether you like it or not, This Is It.

Now that doesn't mean that things will not change.  Everything changes.  Life is change.  But if you approach your life with the mantra of "This Is It," you will experience a life altering shift in your reality.  You will be more relaxed and more present.  You will feel less stressed and anxious throughout the day, making you feel more alive and energetic.  When you shift your mindset to "this is it," you will find that your life rapidly becomes a more exciting and fulfilling one.  It will take conscious thought, but when you make the effort to think this way, your attitude and your life will improve.

Here are some examples of what living with the mindset of "this is it" can look like:

  • You are more careful to treat the people whom you like deeply. cherish, and/or love, taking extra care to treat them with respect, caring, generosity and thankfulness.  When you treat them badly or neglectfully, this leaves major room for regrets, and lots of "if only" thoughts.  Because this is it.
  • You hang nice photos on your walls, obtain a cozy blanket, have some nice towels, etc, in order to make your current home more welcoming and wonderful for yourself.  This is it.
  • If you love someone, you tell them.  This is it.
  • You do not leave important things left unsaid.  This is it.
  • If you're drinking tea with a friend, and are having a great time but you feel you "should" go to the gym later (however you really don't want to cut your great time short with this friend), you don't.  You stay with your friend and skip the gym this time.  This is it.
  • On the flip side, if you aren't having much fun with someone and would really prefer to cut the time short to go do something else that would be more worthwhile (gym to relieve stress, relax and read your favorite book, go home and bake your favorite treat, whatever), do so.  This is it.
  • You put in more effort and care to your appearance (your hair, outfit, etc) taking the time to look great, because this is it!
  • If you really want the cake (or ice cream...or...etc) and are truly craving it, you have it.  This is it.
  • Conversely, if today you want to feel "lighter", healthier, more alert and less bloated, but all your friends are pressuring you to share the dessert with them after dinner, in this case, don't have it.  You don't really want it, so stick to your guns this time so that you feel great for the rest of the day and have no regrets.  This is it.
  • You put more thought into your health and food choices because you want to feel great, energetic and healthy generally.  Not tired...head-achy...lethargic...bloated.  Because this is it.

Living with the mindset of "this is it" means one will be less likely to continue doing things like: wasting night after night sitting on the couch watching TV, or remaining stuck in the same unfulfilling, boring routines day after day.  (Though yes, occasionally you may have days where you want nothing more then to just sink into your couch and relax for a few hours, even with "this is it."  But its likely this will be a much rarer occurrence).  "This is it" type of thinking will make someone less likely to continue to spend time with people whom you don't actually care for much or even really like or respect.  You will be less likely to mistakenly allow the things that matter the least to be at the mercy of things that matter the most.  You will become more daring and proactive, when thinking in the way of "This Is It.

Its important to note that "This is it" is not permission or a philosophy to live recklessly, carelessly or foolishly.  On the contrary.  Its a way to do the exact opposite.  Living by the mindset "this is it" will cause you to act in accordance with your very best self, to really examine your choices each and every day in a much closer manner.  To really monitor the ways you behave each day and in how you treat those you care for.  Its a way of thinking that will lead you towards living with the least amount of regrets.  Its a way to make the VERY MOST of each day, and to forget about the things that are ultimately a huge waste of time, or that don't really make you very happy.

Living with the mindset of "this is it" will help give you the guts to go for what you really want now, and for what truly excites you, makes you happy, interests you, and really fills your heart and soul.  It will lead you to an ultimately happier and more content life.  This mindset will force you to really examine your choices day to day, and to really choose what you want the most each and every day because "This Is It."

Hows that for packing a thought-provoking wallop? ;-)