Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Things I Am Loving Right Now!

Hi All,

Behold, a mish-mash of fun stuff for you to check out.  A snapshot of the stuff I personally am loving right now.  Some quotes, delicious looking foods (possible dinner or dessert inspirations), upcoming travels, as well as photos for other stellar stuff.

What are all of you loving this summer?

Enjoy!  Happy continuing to revel in the sunshine!!

Current dinner obsession!!!  Vegetable quesadillas with pesto.  Mmmmmmm.

Brioche.  My dream go-to breakfast of the moment.  SO yum.

The perfect summer dinner (Salmon, grilled, with veggies).

Getting excited to go here with Somayeh this fall....!!!
Berlin!  Also getting very excited to go here with Judith next month...!!
Trendy Berlin... ;-)  Here I come.

"Ruin Pubs" in Budapest.  Apparently incredibly famous.  These are old fashioned, "ruined" 7th century buildings converted into cool pubs with a laid back atmosphere.

Just reread this a month ago.  Amazing once again.  One of the best books I have ever read.

Annnnd just finished this one about two week ago.  Another awesome read.

Just started rereading this about 5 days ago.  Yes, I realize I only just read it about 3 months ago.  It was that good.  I am loving it even more the second time around.

Sugar Mama cafe.  LOVE this place!!!

Fletcher's burgers.  BOMB.  Speaking of which, just noticed a sign close to the city center the other day for a brand-spankin new burger place opening in Frankfurt sometime this summer!!!!  Looks potentially pretty delish.  Fingers crossed!

More Sugar Mama....

StairMaster, as well as elliptical.  My go-to machines in the gym.  Along with the requisite book in my hand as well, of course.

Whoa.  What a showstopping cake (themed after one of my very favorite films!).  Imagine that for a 30th birthday cake!  A girl can dream, right? ;-)

The BEEEEEEST summer activity!!!!

Cannot wait to make these this weekend.  Reminds me of the USA!

Picnics!  Quintessential summer.
Hanging out at the pools in Frankfurt.  One of the best ways to beat the heat, obviously :-)